Ozerny Mining and Processing Plant (Ozerny GOK)


METROPOL GROUP of companies is the owner of License for mining of polymetallic ore at Ozernoe deposit in Eravninsky district, the Republic of Buryatia (the License is valid up to June 15, 2024). MBC Corporation is the managing company. The licensed site is located 160km north of Mogzon station (Trans-Siberian Railroad), 30km away from Ulan-Ude - Chita federal highway, 60km from Sosnovo-Ozersk, a district centre with more than 10 000 population.
Ozernoye deposit is considered to be one of the largest by world standards.

Reserves of Ozernoe deposit included into the State Register of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation in the amount of 135Mt of ore are approved by the Protocol of the USSR State Commission on Mineral Reserves.


Reserves of Ozernoe deposit included into the State Register of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation as of 01.01.2014


Ore, kt

Zinc, %

Lead, %

Cadmium, %


Category B + C1

125 271




37,6 g/t


9 787




25,5 g/t

Resources according to JORC

Ore, MMT

Zinc, %

Lead, %





Pre-Feasibility Study

The Pre-Feasibility Study (“PFS”) completed by AMC Consultants (UK) in 2006 comprises a geological assessment, data on the deposit resource, preliminary design and costing of a conventional open pit mine, mineral processing and plant design, project infrastructure (power, water, roads etc), services, labour, environmental considerations, capital cost.

The 1st stage of mining enterprise with 1 Mtpa production capacity was put into operation in November 2010 according to the Technical Project “Stripping and pilot mining at Ozernoe deposit” (favorably approved by the State Expert Review Board). Within this Technical Project the following infrastructure was built up: shift camp, core storage house, on-site roads, bridge, 10 kV power line, telecommunication and Internet facilities, etc.

Within the total Ozernoe project implementation the engineering design of Ozernoe mining and processing plant with 8Mtpa production capacity and Pb and Zn concentrates output is for the most completed. In 2012 the project design documentation was approved by the State Expert Review Board. In 2013 Permits for construction of the open pit and infrastructure facilities were obtained.

Designed output capacity of Ozerny GOK

Ore output, per year

8,0 Mt

Zinc concentrate output (average annual)

880 Kt

Lead concentrate output (average annual)

108 Kt

Operation life

19 years

Currently we are looking for fund raising for Ozerny GOK construction.

Designed output capacity of Ozerny GOK

Key stages

Starting date


IIIQ 2009

Commissioning of mining enterprise

IVQ 2010

Commencement of processing plant construction


Commissioning of mining and processing plant


Production ramp-up to the designed mining rate



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